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  • Panaboard keeps 100% audience attention and increases participation
  • Panaboard helps presenters give clear notes on meetings to everyone
  • Panaboard eliminates note-taking errors
  • Panaboard reduces meeting time
  • Panaboard is available in 3 sizes with wall-mounting or floor standing options

    Panasonic's Panaboard improves presentations and meetings

    At Panasonic we have a theory - many great ideas are lost at meetings because they are erased from the board too quickly and people miss important points at presentations because they are too busy frantically scribbling notes.

    At Panasonic we have the solution - the Panaboard Electronic Print Board. It makes an exact copy of all the information that is written or stuck on the screen and therefore allows everyone to concentrate on the business in hand knowing that they will have good, clear notes to take away with them. It is ideal for meetings, conferences, training, lectures, seminars and is of great benefit to schools and colleges. Panaboard assists and enhances communication. It helps keep meetings short and that saves valuable time.

    Versatile Operation
    The Panaboard can copy whatever is written, drawn or even taped to it, all at the touch of a button. The durable surface, which is lined horizontally and vertically for ease of writing, wipes clean with the eraser provide


Endless 4 & 2 Screen Model

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